Thursday, November 4, 2010

I couldn't resist !

'Twas softly gliding within vivid dreams of yore,
Where visions dance like angels planting sultry lure,
Expectant not of intrigue nor netting new amour,
Surprises least predictable are hardest to ignore.

Anoetic bluebells double dipped in blutterbunged ferns,
Gobbled ferly halos globed with sticky gloppened sauce,
As surly fauna sing impressive sacrifice to our lazy hall,
Whence mirific vision slightly brightening, as I awoke.

It was a merely a dream,
but soft, what light in yonder sphere of influence does shine?
It is she. Reality has intruded upon my slumber,
and felled my world and verse quite torn asunder.

Unobserved and unforeseen she leans,
Gliding effervescently like bees above the petals,
under fragrant blossoms tinged with tawny green,
adorned with dulcet character, as best as I could glean.

Instant recognition, bombarding daggers pierce my mind,
Affected by her countenance, shear and light sublime,
Was now my plight forever fast forward future fine,
Obsessed with slight affection, embraced forever mine.

These simple boundaries bar the heavens between our minds;
When I eschew half the mundane road blocks, that gate before my way,
Then could I break free from these shackles? If so I'll gain colossal vigor,
and now, sinuating through my veins, this deep allure does sway.

Lapsing to inaction, I've lost my initial focus,
but never gone is the focus of what my goal should be,
a forever lasting connection to the thoughts and poetry
and abstract philosophy that might persist beyond temporal acquaintance.

Please never forget the extrapolated impressions that project into future thoughts,
although absent, I'll always be there in a plane far above the
dimensions of our physical knowledge,
upon thine is the hope of what was mine.

Burning desire
I couldn't resist!

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