Friday, May 13, 2011

Great-horned Owl

instant dilation!
instant dilation! Still having fun watching the young owls mature.
This is one owl, and the eye was dilated, and then he turned toward the sun and it was quickly smaller and not dilated.

Big Yawn - Great-horned Owl
Big Yawn - Great-horned Owl
I really like going back every morning to see these cute owls. It's fun! All these years I've waited to see one, and this Spring I have!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Great-horned Owl chicks

A funny thing happened on the way to see the Great-horned Owl chicks at Harrison Hills Park, Allegheny County. I saw one that looked like this:

I've seen them there on and off for about 10 days, and this seemed strange to me. I've never seen one laying on his stomach before. At first I thought he was sick or worse, dead. But when I went back the next day, there they both still were, as fine as ever. It was a bit depressing in that intervening time period. So he was just laying on his stomach, staring down at me.