Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Agile Wavelengths Align

Curves align agile limbs of laden trees,
Clearing pathways yonder yet to find,
Gold mist rising from crestfallen marshes,
Like the amber haze afresh clearing from my mind.

Supple movements capturing anew imagination,
As the dream along the edges of thoughts periphery,
And still I know that she is out there waiting,
poised for one more rendezvous epiphony.

As planets rotate, and stars align,
Our course is set once more again,
To meet at apex heterodyne,
Mixing inverse wavelengths which we engrain,
An attraction deeply affixed within time.

Come, once again,
upon the revolution of our eliptical paths,
meet once again,
talk for a while,
and try to get to know one another for a spell,
before we part,
to our diverse destinies with stardust written;
suspend that certain future for a while with me.
C'est la vie.

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