Tuesday, May 27, 2008

you'll never know

more of the Speed Poetry,
typing as fast as I can, in less than about 5 minutes,
while listening to music, you should try...

You'll Never Know by Doug Bauman

rolling on anticipation cloud
softly floating through the shadowy regions
reaching well beyond my grasp
clasping fingers 'round dewdrops that collapse

meld back, yonder being, unmixing thought and truth
dimensions unfold untold phantoms of veracity
veraciousness to behold through brimming visor
visages of yonder brimming aspect without meaning
juxtaposed beyond my hold

another exercise in futility
with infinite meaning to me, yet none told
cold fertile joyousness running up my spine
divine my content yet fulfilled

yet revealed, you'll never know

I grant I'll never be revealed
I shan't unnerving be aneilled
Whence discovery come unveiled
Thence composure is unsealed

my heart is yet too very tame
to jump quite quick to any game
keeping simple, running ample
as always never be the same

here she is, my vision of despair
softly fading goldness of her hair
anticipating choices of great flair
hold tight, yonder sight, be fair

I never knew the lovely texture of your form
till that silhouette of sunlight gladly beamed
right by bending supple form, toward my eyes
seeing sight untold now hold just as it seemed

quivering motion upheaved upon my soul
building joyous passages
the kind that overwhelm
gushing emotion beyond the pale seam
of my splendor

you'll never know

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