Monday, May 19, 2008

Wake Robin

Wake-Robin, hear my gentle refrain..
hearken, wake up your bountiful, beauty
darken, when shade pours over your visage
brighten, whiten, sounding subdued then renewed
rolling, doling, hearing, nearing, clearing, searing
heighten, brighten, frighten,
slowing, growing, glowing, flowing
impromptu, spritely dancing from petal to petal
tinkling over lightly textured silky spider web threads
reverberating through the multi-wavelength visual spectrum
repeating, revealing, unveiling, retelling, mellow tantrum
done, but not yet over, rondo repetition ready yet to begin
textured, layered, folded, then refolded, wrapped together
like composition of musical drama, toccata and fugue
Unnerving, tension, feeling unsaid felt sentiment
together, through unknown connections through medium untold
Behold, truly fragrant ripple through glistening waves
embrace, gravity holding together ample molecules
running, sunning, funning, punning, woning, cunning, donning
umbrella radiance throughout, beyond the membrane of space
untold dimensions over under between us, beyond us, together
don't ever end.
A fun exercise in creative writing:
Listen to the beautiful Schubert Impromptu,
Think about the image,
then write the words, as quickly as you can, it's fun!
Try your own...

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