Monday, October 20, 2014

Reflections at Turtle Creek

The Story Behind the Photo

Often we shield ourselves from the outdoors,impressionist fall reflection the insects, the extremes of weather. Yet it's the temperate places in nature we yearn for the most, to immerse our souls in greater beings of existence, to squirrel ourselves away from insignificant affairs, endeavoring to envision vaster plains of consciousness.

On such a day I found myself along Turtle Creek trail in Duff Park - a 'favorite' place. Something directed my attention to white birch trees lined on the opposite bank and reflections below. Perhaps it was the way the sun had illuminated 'just so'. I was glad, and snapped a few photos.

When selecting photos to submit, I might just have overlooked it, yet this shot was perfect for the unusual outlook I was seeking.

Favorite places are often shifting. Today I have others. I'll be back to Duff to savor its essence again. I'll be sure to bring my camera. Douglas Bauman

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