Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Butter and Eggs

Butter 'n Eggs

But soft, what have we here,
Angels wrapped in petals as rare apparition.
Yet it is but your cheek, as yellow and white
With some orange hue to remind me of you.
The shades envelope my mind as if to spite
That memory that can never in fruition
Come complete to fulfill my desire or kill my fear,
and gentle as that vision I'll always keep you dear.


Stephen said...

Well, I searched and I searched for contact information, but this is the best I could do, so I hope this message finds its way to you.

This is Stephen Gragg. I'm a student at Lipscomb University, and for a summer research project, I analyzed some data that we as a University collected on the turtle populations at Radnor Lake. Anyway, I'm preparing a report for the people over at Radnor, and I was wondering if I could use a photo of yours that I found online as the background for the report's binder.


As for getting back to me, please send me an email at my Lipscomb address. It's my last name, gragg, then my first two initials, sd, then it's "at mail dot Lipscomb dot edu." Sorry if that's a hassle, but I figure its not a good thing to just randomly post my email address online.

Thanks for your time.

javadoug said...

Sure Stephen, you may use that photo, but where is your Lipscomb address email?

javadoug said...

oh, yes, now I see it.