Monday, December 7, 2009

Panta rhei

Juggler's blues
An inspiration, held aloft or yet neigh,
Panta rhei,
Conflagration, as the jugglers held high,
Panta rhei,
Orange red globules trickle to earth, oh my,
But don't sigh, Panta rhei.

Precious soles lose touch,
yet still held high in my eminent eye,
now perhaps they are juggling, but I won't cry

If Panta Rhei --
everything's changing,
then what has changed?
Like juggling, the balls and clubs are in the air,
yet they cycle around again,
only to travel their path yet again,
Like the cycles of the earth.
Sure, Panta rhei, but we'll travel that road again,
someday we'll fly.
Perhaps we'll meet again,
Panta rhei

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