Thursday, January 15, 2009



Your were well within my sensory jungle,
but no orbit could revolve my subtle influence,
without hyperbolic prelude I could bungle,
or sympathetic cogence yielding confluence.

A big blue marble and orange globule held together
without reason or without rhyme,
a weaker force within a greater capacity
describes attraction under ordinary time.

But my whole world held together with a tether
immersed succinctly under firmament,
ample planets circle round my tender mind
creating stratum and arching supercillium.

Yes my zone is within reach of her stomping ground,
my compass points directly to gentle province,
dominion pulling through the level field,
my pale brown eyes adhere a course aligned

Realm rank and scope subside with footsteps fell
before my meandering path around
each rondo falls like an apple
under force of function on the ground

And now the anxious approach
do I dare
I've lost my sphere of introspection
how will I fare?

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