Thursday, November 6, 2008

rejuvenate my heart

rejuvenate my heart

I leave my heart to you
My heart is all that I have left
My last possession, might as well be there
up in the air
blue sky seen through
my heart is gone
only a hole is left where it used to be
but beauty peeks through
Now all I have left is sweet nature
the void where my heart used to be
can be filled by natures essence
It is all that is left to rejoice in
to enjoy, the fragrance and light
Fill me with your nature,
rejuvenate my heart

what words can turn my doldrums into splendor
what deeds can turn apathy back to yearning
what thoughts can think me thoughts of joy
who can turn my darkness into light

My journey has never been a destination
My pleasures past have been the trip
I need a goal or some sheer light
to light up my life
rejuvenate my joy

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