Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Only a Tree

Only a tree
yet the source of all life
Sometimes a tree
sees love and sees strife
Only a tree
is needful of me
Forever my life
is grateful for thee
A source of all life
our beautiful trees
so strong and so supple
their branches and leaves
sway in the breeze
and fall to the ground
with nary a sound
yet splendor profound
Only a tree
forever a sight
in each and every season
to bring me delight
in summer so green
in autumn a colorful sight
in winter sturdy and divine
reaching to heaven
a ladder which to climb
O heavenly tree
bring me a spring
filled with sweet scents
and buds of light green
renew your dear life
my dreams I've foreseen
Only a tree
the boon of wildlife
by javadoug
(Thanks for the inspiration Gudi :)
(I saw the photo of a tree posted in her photostream, and wrote the poem)


SeeleSuchtEcho said...

Thanks for thinking of me :)

Wonderful posts !!
But maybe you should consider to ad some music videos from YouTube.
Isn´t that possible ???

Have a great day, Doug !

javadoug said...

Thanks! I wish I knew how to add the youtube videos.
If I have time, I'll give it a try :)