Thursday, June 7, 2007

Musical Mystery Ride

Going round and round
the kids are nearly found
the lens can point one way
yet motion can betray
the focus on one spot
to capture one sure shot
I spin the camera 'round
rotationally unbound
to match the field of view
their motion would askew
as they hang deftly on
unbridled fun and song
Yes round and round they roam
and I bring image home


SeeleSuchtEcho said...

Hi Douglas,
this is a very pretty post !!
Hast du das selbst gedichtet ?
Are this your own words ???
Very beautiful.

I didn´t know that you have created your own BLOG :o)

Enjoy your weekend !!

javadoug said...

Yes, my own words!
Ich gedichte diesen W├Ârter